Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Top o da Monday!

Yesterday was sooo gorgeous. The J and I strolled through Central park and enjoyed the one whole day we have had off together in almost 2 months. The ducks, the swans, the mud, the leaping over fallen logs over semi-seep puddles...the unsalted overprices yucky cold pretzel..yes it was all so wonderful. and then, i wake up today to find it snowing like antarctica! how bizzare is that? At least it stopped, for now. earlier, i could barely see across the street. /me prays for spring

sneeze sneeze. there is so much dust in this office, its OOC!! (Out of control)

its a relaxed day. thank goodness. it didnt start out so wonderful. i managed to take the wrong metrocard in my pocket this morning, and ended up having to fish through my bag for 1.50 in change for the bus. it was rather embarassing, but more an annoyance than a shame. in any case, i succeeded in spent an extra 3$ that i had hoped to horde for the plentitude of peabut butter m and m's that i have been craving lately.

What i didnt do this weekend was stop by the hair shop. See, i had that appt for extensions last thursday, and i was all set to go and check out the hair i needed to buy. thats right, you have to buy hair and then pay to have it attached. ass stange and bizarre, but intruigin as well.
ok, so i forgot to go look at hair, but i foud this wonderful copper red color that looks absolutely i anow torn between red and blonde. not porn-star blonde, mind you, but a light, sophisticated blonde. maybe i should hold a vote. hmmm

i have a ton of pictures to put up, but seeing as i have an appt for 7pm tonight, it will have to wait until tomorrow. i feel so unsatisfied with my 2-3 night a week to work on my site. i have all these ideas and not enough time to carry things out.

alright, i need to set a good example for the intern who spends half her time looking though hotjobs for another job...
i mean, how inconsiderate can you be?

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