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i forgot to set my friggin alarm again! this is so frustrating. i need to focus on hitting that on button on the cell. oy! i havent swim for a week now and it sucks. i have to coach tomorrow so the next op is wed AM.

back to work today. the boss is in and i expect it to be pretty busy busy. i VERY stressed about the reception of the hair. as in, if it's fine, 800 horses will be lifted from my shoulders. the older partner of the firm is not in today. so, its only the more mellow younger partner and the employees. i think the 3 other gals in the office will like it and the guys wont. shiver.

i didnt get that haircut yesterday as planned, so i may look into it for this upcoming weekend. the ends are a little fried.

stress stress. the worst case scenario, ive got to re-dye it.


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Jul. 9th, 2007 06:02 pm (UTC)
Hair & Moms & Stuff
While I could make some lame statement about it being YOUR hair... someone else would come along and say it is THEIR job. So I won't make that mistake. But to put things into perspective, MOMS are so much more IMPORTANT!.

My mom is 79 and has a sister that is two years older. Her sister had been in failing health for only a short time. This morning at 5:00 am we got word that my aunt had passed away. Needless to say my mom is pretty stressed. Not so much because her sister has died... she lived a long and wonderful life. But I think my mom has suddenly receieved a wake-up call concerning her mortality. As have I!

Jobs are important stuff... Hair can be important stuff too (although I don't know if we are talking another Lisa shade of red or not)... BUT MOMs ARE TERRIBLY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. Without them none of us would be here.

CALL YOUR MOM and TELL HER YOU LOVER HER... And as the other wise person said... "Leave nothing on the table..."

Jul. 9th, 2007 07:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Hair & Moms & Stuff
hi JR,
the mom situation is OF COURSE more important and stressful than hair or jobs or making routers work! I dont want anyone to think that she some second place to other random stress. not by a long shot. I want to make that clear. I've been talking with her and my father and supporting them emotionally to the best of my ability. I have to stay strong and clear-headed for both of them. it's just that i dont think my family would want me talking about things too much right now. it's proly over the line already. health is a private issue, and it's my life on the web, not theirs. i care about my parents, no matter how estranged we are. and that also means a little respect about what I report right now.

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