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I could really use a personal asst! LOL. Ive been talking about this on da neko cast, but seriously! And this is why: I just did the calculations cause i am a total dork. But..(normally, when im not trying to get a webcast up and going) I get up between 4-5am on weekdays. Let's just say 4:30am to even things out. I run (if im coaching), get ready to leave, leave, subway to the pool, swim/coach, commute to work, work, and get home at 7pm(ish) This is 14.5 hours of my day. I usually go to bed around 10pm. I need min 6 hours of sleep to function properly. So before any webcast business, Im committed to 21.5 hours of my day EVERY weekday. Now, add in some coverage for other coaches shifts in the evenings. Add in a webcast (aka, everything take at least twice as long to do with the whole moving the camera around thing, so i never get to everything i plan to). Add in planning my September trip to Japan (as in need to get on that!). Add in fighting with technology to make the webcast work. Add in doing research for the webcast so I can do what I want to do with the camera and keep myself from getting bored. Add in Mom's health issues. Add in extra time spent at work (coming up soon cause of quarter end paperwork).

Im pretty good at multi-tasking. For 16 months, I got up and swam, held a 9-5 job, and then went to school from 6-10 at night. All this to get my massage therapy license. (NOTE: at this point, ive been working on this entry for 20 minutes because i dont have a chunk of time to write it all out at once...) But right now, I am using all my multi-tasking super powers and cutting into the sleep time to accomplish what i feel needs to get done each day. And then at the end of it I only complete a fraction of it and then I want to shouts out with my peeps online, so I end up staying awake even later.

My to-do list is about 15 items long (webcast and non-webcast related). What you dont see at work is me switching furiously between job related issues and personal tasks trying to put out all the fires. Where does this leave me? Proly without sleep until most of the issues that annoy me with the webcast are resolved. But yeah, where's my asst to make phone calls and set up my computers? Where's my asst to get the details for the open water swim events that I need to coach at. where's someone to tend to my calendar and remind me when i need to be at the pool to cover and which one? Can someone call in dinner for me? Because I've been skipping the normal dinner take-out to save $$, and then im too busy/ tired to make dinner at home! (and i love to cook! :( ) Can someone also schedule Dave into my life? We have weekends only as it is, but sometimes I'd like to see on weekdays-- Can someone drive me up to his place on some weeknights so I dont have to take expensive metro north, or wait at Grand Central for an hour wasting time cause i missed the train?

**Neko power!** Charging.. ... ... please wait. error, your brain is not connecting to the router... missing driver... cable disconnected...

(It's now been 34 minutes since I began this post.)

someone asked me online what I'd like to do: so here, not in any particular order, here you go:
massage (and get massaged! i NEED one!), travel the world, nap (!!), make more plans with friends, learn electic bass and play in a band, learn erhu and play in a cooler band, take more Japanese classes, review Russian by taking classes, coach Masters swimming but also start working with kids on age-group/ senior teams, swim 5-6 days a week, see my boyfriend more (aka, i HATE this long distance relationship!), cook like i used to before I started working so much, garden, go to the park, drink more beer, volunteer at an animal shelter again, do my hair however I want to, meet new and crazy people, and webcast all of it all the time without ever going off the web for a second while not annoying the people around me with my camera. note that working in an office is not included. note that the last item is possibly the most difficult.

note that I never thought I'd be back online streaming again, and Im so happy to be back.

/end neko rant (breathe) It's now 12:53pm.

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