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Sun nite

I found it so strange to be off camera last night. It’s the same sort of feeling I had when I first left hereandnow.net. While most people proly feel paranoid about people watching them, perhaps I feel awkward with people NOT watching me. Suddenly nothing that I experience matters to anyone but me again. The humor of wiggling my toes in the cat’s face is lost on the universe. I see my space thru my limited dimensions again without the fun of zoom and upside-down angles. And I keep thinking that someone is watching somewhere, but Im not controlling the camera. Hmmmm

I left my laptop's power cable in Dave’s car after the hike yesterday and barely had enough juice to communicate that fact to my chatroom before the machine ducked into hibernation mode. I watched more Coyboy Bebop, did some laundry (it didnt dry all the way, so I had to hang it up all over the apt!)and made a nice dinner of pasta with fresh-picked tomatoes and basil. I examined the garden and noticed that the first butterfly bush blossoms were opening with a deep purple glory. The neighbor’s dog barked, some outside cats howled. Ifrit and KT fought a little, but were too hot to keep it up and finally ended up on their sides with their eyes half open. I went to bed at 9:45. It felt wonderful to be back on schedule. But there was noone to tuck me in.


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Jul. 17th, 2007 11:26 am (UTC)
I've been curious as to why anyone would want to sujbect themselves to the 24/7 camera experience. It seems like it would get very old very quickly. Thank you for the insight.
Jul. 17th, 2007 07:33 pm (UTC)
i like to do it. it's a creative outlet. it's a source of inspiration. it's a good examination of what's going on. For me, it's less about "come see me!" and more about: "well, this is how I see it"

if i get bored, ill let you know:)
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