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update from the road

im in the car, later than Dave would have liked...apparebtly he wanted to be out of the hotel at 10am, but this wasnt communicated to me. So the fact that we left at 10:45 instead caused a little bickering. Whatever, I like road trips and i don't think that 45 minutes will be the end of the world.

We left the Crown Plaza and hit up a Dunkin Donuts. The joint was located right next to a farmer's market. I wanted to go check it out, but I knew Dave was in a hurry so we pulled over and I jumped out the car and headed to the DD. The place was run by a bunch of eastern european ladies...a change from NY where other minorites own the donut service market. I ordered 2 sesame bagels with cream cheese, a small coffee for dave, an oj for dave and a water for me. I thought about getting an OJ too, but Id just brushed my teeth so water seemed a better option for the ole taste buds. Service was slow and required three people: one to ask me if I wanted coffee and to pour that coffee, one to ring up my order very slowly, and other to prepare the bagels while making jokes in another language with her co-worker.

But now we're fed and semi-hydrated. The traffic has slowed on I-495, near exit 46 to Merimack, or whatever that sign just said... Dave is in a better mood and Pink Floyd is playing on the radio "Hey! Teacher, leave those kids alone!" hahah. There are large white cumulus clouds gathering in the sky. I said thunderstorm. Dave says that the standard Vermont/ Massachusetts sky. We are trying to remember the band members from Pink Floyd and where they might possibly be.


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Jul. 27th, 2007 08:27 pm (UTC)
40 minutes
Hey Lisa,

I could tell that Dave was pi$$ed about the 40 minutes, but as you indicated, he never said exactly WHEN he wanted to leave.
I was afraid that he was gonna blame "us" for your not being ready. Anyhow, glad that the trip was basically uneventful.....will keep watching for updates. Tell Dave to invest in a GPS navigator...it would have saved a lot of map "stuff" on the road...they are inexpensive now days.

Jul. 28th, 2007 02:29 pm (UTC)
Re: 40 minutes
haha, yeah, Dave knows that im slow as it is...never mind when i have to move a camera around to watch my slowness...yeah, clearly a lack of communication..and a lack of calories for him. when he gets hungry, his temper is short!

Dave has a serious fear and suspicion of GPS. I dont think he will ever get one. I agree with you, GPS would be useful!

be good... :)
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