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Voice Post

262K 1:24
“Hello Anne. On my way to the doctors. I officially escaped from work ___ possible. And who would I ___ subway but I'm not sure it was her. I've been showing inside ___ air conditioning. I think it takes a while before your ___ can actually feel it. Anyway I think the trick is to stay outta the sun as much as possible. So right now I'm in the sun ___ Park Ave. ___ time I'll be out of the sun 1ce again. So I think if I can do the shade jumping thing, I might be ok with the walk, which is gonna be ___ the subway. Ironically or un ironically as well. So, I'm outta the office & ___ funny position in the cup(?) I'll be outta the office probably till about 3:30. So a good 2 hrs. So if anyone gets this message to inform everyone ___. What the fuck is this? Please inform them that ___”

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