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1. Condolences to friends and family lost in MN :( And well wishes to those recovering from injuries!! So scary.

2. There is a cockroach stuck in the sticky trap in the kitchen.

3. I posted 2 "new" old videos on MySpace. Hope to put up more ... and more recent ones as well!

4. I will be at a company dinner tonight, so I'll proly shut down Neko 2 after 6pm, and bring it back when I get home. Please watch over my kitties on Neko1!


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Aug. 3rd, 2007 01:47 am (UTC)

Condolences also from WI. I used to travel those roads in Minneapolis, I'm sure I must have driven over it.

Thanks so much for posting those older videos, for some reason that painting one is my favorite. It's the music, the way you wore your hair, everything.

No cockroaches here, only random bugs attracted to the bright computer screen.
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