Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Saturday on the job

i got roped into tearing down the event. The busses were especially friendly and I arrived at the office half an hour early. The only thing is, i dont have a key, so I was leaning on the door, under the awning for a little while. New York in the early Saturday morning is a different sort of animal...
Random people, bleary eyed from their Friday night out, stumbling back into the Hotel Chelsea. Two women walking dogs, sauntering like zombies that only rolled out of bed because the pooch had to pee. The dogs start growling and lunge at each other, and like an alarm clock, have the stunning effect of morning confirmed on the surrendering walking dead. Two joggers pass, men with stringy legs, and those shorter than needed running shorts. I wonder what they eat to look to wirey. I sip from my Honeydew flavor vitamin water. It tastes sorta like my my cucumber eye cream unless i sniff the bottle, in which cae it can pass for Honeydew. I console myself with the fact that its packed with electrolytes and lacks the teeth rotting aftereffects of my favorite Cherry Coke. A red jaguar pulls up in front of me. I wonder why all the sexy ars alway have fat old white men driving them. its so unfair. I bet that guy orders take out from the escort service alot. I just have a feeling...

We wait for the temp labor grunt to arrive. There is no way I can carry these 100 lb steel tables myself.

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