Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Im offline at work today. the temp will be in answer phones at my desk and file and such so that I may scan more client files into the database.

Open folder
Revmove files
Rip out staples
Replace staples
Put docs back in folder
Close folder
3 minutes have just passed by, never to be reclaimed.

Just imagine that, and you dont need any workstream.

The subway ride this morning was a picture of degradation. A blind man, unbalanced physically and mentally, talking with random people who didnt want to speak with him. Asking them their names. Asking for $$ to buy some pizza and making people get up from their seats so that he could sit down. (This last bit, when he had a seat already.) A couple sat next to him, huddled together, hiding within each other. Grateful they werent like that. Slightly smiling, making fun of him for protection. I felt sad. I Was listening to Bjorks "All is Full of Love" on the nekopod. There was not much love for this man. Urine stained his pants and something like coffee or soda was splotched on his white undershirt. He shook his head back and forth, as if listening to some hot jazz tunes in his head. you could feel the energy of the people shrinking away from him. One of his pinky fingers was smaller than the other. I wanted to hand him a $100, just for kicks, but of course, I didn't have a $100. The song on the nekopod changed, the man got off at 23rd street. Other people got on, sat where he sat, closed their eyes, turned on the peoplepods to block it all out, opened books, fell asleep. Time passed. 34th street. 42nd street. If I see him again, i'll give him a $5. It's not $100, but that's usually all the cash I carry.

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