Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

journal update with NTC times! haha

I arrived at 5pm last night (tokyo 9/2). Immigration and customs was so fast but very efficient. And whe hen the line became too long, we were politely guided to another counter and whoosh..we were outta there. I waited outside the A arrivals gate. No Kiyo. I waited. Between the language barrier and the lck of glasses, I started to worry. What if Kiyo missed me because of the big flight delay? Worry. I didnt even have his cell phone number. I eyed the flashing train schedule. "Shibuya" said 1 train. Ueno, Shinjuku. Then followed by lots of Japanese. I noted the tourist help desk location. After about 10 minutes, I made a mental breakthrough. If there was an A gate, there was proly a B gate. I walked down the terminal. B gate. Kiyo. He'd been waiting for 4 hours for me because he hadn't checked the flight for delays! HAHA. oops.

He swiftly took me around to rent my cell phone and bye Japanese prong adapters for the power cords. We jumped on the JR line express train to Shibuya. It was exactly on time. I was informed that Japanese trains are always exactly on time, and if they are a minute off, the conductor apologizes profusely. The trains were not so crowded, and we had a reserved ticket anyway. 80 minutes to Shibuya.

Checked into the hotel and met up with Kiyo's wife for dinner. We took the scenic route through part of Shibuya and I wished I had my camera with me. So beautiful. The lights, the building decor. It's Japan all right. Ha. We ate delicious Japanese cuisine:
Boiled tofu with (on the side in a wooden bowl) dried scallions, miso paste, salt
Fried tofu skin with scallion and dipping sauce
Japanese tomato slices with scallion
Tofu skin soup with veg broth and vegis
Whole shrimp with spicy mayo
Horse (i DID NOT eat that! :( )
Special mushrooms wrapped in pork (I did NOT eat that either!)

I had 2 cokes. They had beer. I wanted the caffeine to stay awake.

Came back to the hotel, had a nice bath and passed out.

Woke up this morning at 6am and couldnt go back to sleep. Maybe the stong sunlight wakes me up.

Im about to get dressed and head on down to the hotel restaurant for my free breakfast.
Im meeting Kiyo at 9am in the lobby, about 1.25 hours.
We will either roam toyko today ot head off about an hour away to an old town..i forget the name :)

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