Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

frogs on a stick

yeah, i was thinking about that last post and i was like...yeah, i guess this subject is so over-talked about, its almost boring..
but you know, it wouldnt be talked about so much if it wasnt a reoccuring problem that bothered so many women.

anyway, im looking at the end of my day. Im fasting to pay a bill next week. I guess i should go for my supermodeling career while its easy. 115 lbs baby. Did you know at the end of my freshman year i was at 138?? Ack! I have no idea how i consumed so much food. those dining halls will do it to you though. fat college kids are happy college kids

i still am looking to go back to school. i feel like my financial situation is a pit though. i hate feeling like im barely making it. I know I could do so much more. But its all a waiting game. Have to get passed the entry level thing..although i am worried that working at an event planning firm isnt exactly going to land me a better than entry level job at say another dotcom (when they start geetting stable..IF!) or something more businessy. Sometimes I feel lost...especially when i know my proect is lurching along like a horse with 3 legs.
Lurching constantly, but slower than hell.

WE did score a printer today. NOt that that will help the project, but it will make the J happy, cause he can print his work. So, ven though this job isnt exactly getting me career wise to my goal, it is hel[ing with the project on a tech standpoint. Free software, and G3's, cheaper computers, free printers, floppys, and cable connections.

Yeah, i like my job. its spring and im restless. we will see what is left standing when its all shaken down

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