Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

its been a little difficult keeping this thing updated while on my trip :) im out and about and when in my room, im not really in the mood to update with lots of writing.

Today at sitting at "Coffee Club" just kinda relaxing. Ive done so much walking around...its crazy! The post office opened about 15 minutes ago, so as soon as Im finished with this iced kohi, im gonna head over there and buy some kitte for these higaki that I bought. I love it when I get postcards so hopefully my peeps will enjoy the ones I bought while on the temple train here in Kyoto. :)
Yesterday was a whirlwind! Starting at Heian Shrine:

then off to the Silver Temple:

And the 3rd oldest temple and largest complex in Japan, Diago-ji:

And..Nijo castle. Where i BARELY made it under the wire to view the inside of the main Palace. (no pix inside the palace tho):

At Nijo, I met Mel. She asked me to take her picture once, and basically, thru the end of the tourist route, we were around each she asked me if i was traveling alone and we got to talking. Shes from the Phillipines, but noted that she was Chinese. But, good stuff for both of us because we were bothing feeling a little lonely for someone who spoke some english. and i can read maps. she cant, so that worked out. We had dinner and talked about Japan and travel and the USA. All that cultural stuff:

and then found the real Gion in the rain:

We're supposed to possibly meet up tonight to go clubbing in Roppongi, back in tokyo. I am gonna see what Masa wants to do tho, cause we had a plan to go have some cheap drinks somewhere. maybe i can do both. i dont have any cute club clothes to wear and i am hesitant to purchase more items to carry! I already purchased some stuffs for people at the Silver Temple...seems like too much to lug around already!

Well, i have 1 more temple i want to see before i leave..and a post office visit before that. gonna finish my iced kohi and head out. im liking this coffee shop tho. perfect for me. :)

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