Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Dai Jobu

It's my last night in Japan. I have no plans. No one to meet up with. It's only 7:15 too. Bittersweet, slightly lonely, and thoughtful.

I spent the day with Hiro from the seaside. I could still be out with him, but i came back to the hotel because I wanted to be alone. I have pictures but have yet to download from my camera.

He insisted on buying everything for me today, which I protested to no avail. We walked around Ginza and then through the business districts and went onto the Imperial Palace. Hot. I was completely exhausted walking up and down the hills in the direct sun. I could feel the skin on my shoulders crisping, and my flip-flops left a nice line on my feet. We stopped into the shop for ice cream..more like ice cream inside a waffle snack. Stood inside in the cool and then sat outside in the hot shade. Talked about this and that. Wandered out of the palace and around town to Tokyo station. Lunch- ramen and tempura. Talk. Talked about Japanese guys coming to work, saying that they are going out to see a client and then going back to the train to ride all day and sleep...or going out to the movies. strange, but, not so much since I know the feeling. for sure. more walking, headed out to the big ferris wheel at Tokyo Bay. Didnt ride it, but walked all around it. Enjoyed some green tea ice cream floats. Talked about how green beetle colors the drink that some teenage guy next to us drank. Talked about foods and likes and dislikes. Hiro is not into green tea ice cream, octopus, or calamari. But he does like okra, eggplant, and sea urchin. He goes to the beach all the time. I was feeling tired--really tired-- around 4:30, so we took the train back to Ginza. But we stopped and did some shopping. I bought some water and some sake souveneirs. He got me a peach wine cooler. Its all in the fridge right now. Waiting. Cooling down. I'll proly forget to pack it all.

Tomorrow: I need to ship my mobile card back and also catch the right express train to Narita. how sad am i going to be when the train door shuts out Tokyo? very. Happy memories I have here. I think I will need some sleeping drugs to knock me out on the plane. no boredom. no thinking. my ipod is out of juice and 3 x 1.5 hour movies is not going to be enough to satisfy me. no boredom. no thinking. no thinking.

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