Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

in case you havent checked it out, i did put up more stuff over the weekend on the site. more to come as finances allow. more pics all the time, as always...

yeah, im frustrated about my financial situation. i think its time to look for a better job. i dont know what the hell i could possibly do that would earn more money, but i think its worth looking. i keep telling myself to hold out until the temp-to-perm wears out, but its hard. Im tired of picking up a weekly check for less that 400 bucks.

ill be working on the party poster tomorrow night and possibly the next night, so i wont have a chance to really dig into my site.
although, now that i have my gallery template working, it'll be easy to put up pictures. i have a lot in storage.

im getting back into a writing mood. i think its because im so pensive these days. pensive= writing. theres this song called holly park that i started listening to again. Again being because i didnt for a long time. (llooonngg story) in any case, its conjuring up some old feelings, but froma new perspective. in any case, its hard for me to put in normal words my feelings, which is why im writing a short anthology, or collection, or whatever you academic writers would like to call it... im so excited that ive caught the wiritng bug again. i plan to put up some of my old poetry as well as the new stuff that i squeeze from my pen. not that its good, mind you, but its time to get out these visions and epiphanies..into the light and out of my head.

anyway, i have to go look up some lyrics, cause i cant understand the whole song. how can i like it so much and not know the lyrics you ask? i dont know, i answer.

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