Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

when the fall comes, i have a lot to think about...

The girls in the office love my today's shirt. Me too. I tend to like Club Monaco shirts a lot, but they cost $90 a pop...about the same as the 2 pairs of pants and the sexy black pencil skirt I squired from H&M yesterday. I like the victorian gothic thing, with the high neck and the ruffles on front. gotta watch the sleeves tho, or else i look like a football player with these swimmer shoulders! LOL

At Bergen street this morning, I spyed this boy wearing all black with bleach blonde hair and lovely hoop ear piercings. His skin was totally porcelain and his eyes were this steely blue. I spent about 2 minutes trying to determine if he was gay or not. Hard to tell. Gay or Russian? Hmmm. A couple black bird tats of some sort stuck out from his pale white arms. He was reading, not even noticing my observation. Unfortunately, even with all these lovely qualities, he was wearing bright white running shoes. My subway romance was over almost as it began. I got a seat across from him on the train and I forgot all about him as I listened to the Nekopod and tried to jam katakana characters back into my rotating-door brain. Im always falling in and out of love on the subway. sigh.

I need to remember to sign up for Japanese III today! Classes start on Saturday.

Listened to Bjork's Joga on the long block walk from train to office. I always feel so expansive when I hear it. Makes me wanna play hooky from work and just not show up ever again. The ad for a massage therapist at the West Side YMCA this morning didnt help with that feeling. I was clocking out from coaching and the ad was waving around in the AC, laughing at me. Sigh. This was the job I was looking for a year ago! Can't go back now. My rent is too high. But anyways, the sun was shining in my face as I walked down 56th street. The light is starting to slant like that now as the earth teeters on it's axis towards winter. I donned sunglasses and watched all the people pass. People in suits, joggers with morning free time, ladies with CC chanel earings, a dogwalker. NY going by me to Joga. State of where I want to be...

Will I make it back to Tokyo like I want to? I think if I chase it enough, it will happen. I put $300 in my ING savings acct yesterday to that purpose. But the Fed lowered interests rates, so it's not like they are helping me out! My mind is consumed with getting back there, Nekobot, and keeping all things Nekomimi updated and current. I think Dave is annoyed, somewhere, deep down in his soul. He loves me, so he puts up with my projects. Amazing really, since I wouldnt expect anyone to put up with my obsessions. I am debating going to his parents place for Christmas this year. Especially if i look like I am indeed going back East (aka flying west LOL) in 2008.

My birthday is coming up too. 1 more year of 20's and then it's all over for this era. Yeah, I better follow my heart. You only live once.

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