Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

fabulous weekend!!!!

yeah yeah yeah
i had the BEST weekend! I had to take a total breather, cause last week was so frantic that i couldnt even get a livejournal entry in...
and then i didnt wanna be in the office at all over the weekend, so thats why ive been so delinquent. in any case, i have pictures galore, but i cant put them up until afater work.

friday night, i finished up the party poster (which i will post) and met up with Wil and the J at out local coffe joint. Wil danced around merrily and clapped like a child when he saw the poster. I was relieved, since it was a pain in the ass at the end. i mean, the design thing was ok, but the computer i was working on was having issues, and wouldnt print or get online. so i had to copy the poster onto a zip drive and run across the street to kinkos. We all know how well kinko;s works. Needless to say, i was annoyed, yet not surprised when i discovered the printer didnt work there either and i had to wait for and hour for the computer guy to come in and reboot the network. LAme. I finally got out of there and ran tot he coffee shop to slurp down a skinny almond steamed milk (my latest fave drink)
Wil and the J were taking in peach italian sodas, which reminded me of my old high school days back in idaho where id stay out until my curfew, drinking kiwi italian sodas and playing chess, and talking the meaning of life.

Anyway, I had saturday off. So, I ran around all day shopping for Jeramy's Easter gifts, and doing laundry. You can never appreciate a clean bathmat, until you have used the same one for 2 months and not let it dry or anything. yeah, its gross.
anyway, so i left for the city around 3pm and shopped. I aquired this semi glossy silver bag, some easter grass, a round, thick piece of macadamia nut/ coconut brittle, a box of altoids, 2 cadbury eggs, and a some chips ahoy cookies. I also spotted this little memo book at this paper shop i dig on 18th street. Its bright blue sparkley with black pages. I got silver and white ink get pens to write. The J is always using random scraps of paper on counters and stuff when he thinks of an idea or line for his poetry. So, i thought he could carry this little memo book in his back pocket and keep it all together and not lose things and litte the apartement floor with his half forgotten thoughts

i packed this all up again at the coffee shop. At 7m, he got off of work and we headed over to the Galaxy Diner for dinner. I used to frequent the place quite often two summers ago. its open 24 hours, and has reasonably priced good food. Yeah, a gem in NYC. Wil called and said he was having a bite at the Yaffa Cafe with his cousin. So, we ran over there and met up with them as they finished their wine. His cousin was staying at some guys house to we followed them to his place and dumped off our stuff, since we had all decided go to the show at CBGB. Have any of you heard of the velevet mafia? They are a crazy lesbian/gay punky alt band. Check it out.
So betwween the loud rock, the expensive budweiser and bathrooms from trainspotting, i have to say i had the best night since ive been here. its so nice to be able to go out a little bit and experience things. i took some pictures...they are a little blurry, as i used the slow shutter. some people were using the flash, but i think its pretty rude to flash cameras at performing artists. it may get to that poitn soon though, if i get tired of reddish, lowlight pics. ah well.

After the show, we met Wil's newest luvy, Gant. And he was the raddest, sicne he offered to drive us back o brooklyn. BAsically, by the time we got home, we would have been just catching a subway in the city. We will be grateful for months, im sure.

Yesterday was beautiful! The J and I awakened late to the sun shining in our faces. We slept in and then trecked over to union square to have lunch on the terrace of some restaurant. As it turned out, the rest of manahattan did the sme thing. The wait was 1.5 hours, so we ate inside. The host showed us to our table and said "don't mind the cameras" I turn around to find the cast of the NEw York Real World sitting next to us. How fitting. Im thinking "been there, done that"
they left after about 20 minutes, which was nice, cause all the commotion was making me miss here and now. i was getting annoyed byt the fact that there peopple (MTC ect) had the funds to do this same lame show they always do, and yet, i have all these great ideas and cant afford to do anything!
yeah, so i was happy they only semi-spoiled 20 m inutes of brunch. All was soon forgotten as the J and i started on our next mission: find an open grocery store on easter. We failed miserably, but did spend the rest of the money i took out for groceries on used books, hair dye (again, dyed!), barattes, candles, and a new brush.

Its soo hard to be at work today. My only savior from depression is that its gray out, so i have the confort of knowing that my days off in the sun were better that what they would be today.,
ok, i need to go..
i typed as fast as i could to get out everything..
(as if you couldnt tell from my typos)
love to all

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