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Neko M - Mobile Cats

So last night, I debuted my newest piece of delicious technology...the sexy American release of the Nokia N95 with 3G. No more lugging around a laptop for outdoor excursions! Coupled with the Pocketcaster software from Comvu (http://www.comvu.com), this little number takes the pain in the ass laptop out of mobilecasting. Now, I know some of you lifecasters are glued to your screens. You need to twitter and keep an eye on viewer comments. Fine, fine... For those people (and you know who you are!) this is probably not the best solution for you. But for anyone trying to pull away from the tethers of the wired, this little toy is liberation! When I'm out on the town, I'm out! I'll update you in the text later.

Now, Im not going to go into details about all the fab little attributes of the Nokia N95 itself when it's already posted numerous place on the web, including here: http://www.nseries.com/index.html#l=products,n95
But I will say the camera and connectivity features are everything a picky webcaster such as myself could ask for in a palm sized unit. I have the silver one. It's hot. I'm practically making out with it right now. Just be sure to get the American version and not the Euro version if you're here in the US. The Euro version is not compatible with US 3G bands and never will be. So don't go complaining about it on AT&T's website. That's my service provider and there's a whole forum of upset and confused Nokia/ AT&T customers.

But I digress from last night:
The Pocketcaster application loads in just about 2 minutes. Im talking from phone dead and OFF to webcasting the cracks in the urban streets. Awesome. As I walked around my neighborhood like a tourist, I had serious flashbacks to the sexy Japanese 3G I indulged in a few weeks ago. Picture vibrance and smoothness as well as audio quality trompled my Verizon EVDO laptop broadcast. (Go HSDPA Go!) Plus, I had the option to zoom in on things, which is a webcasting feature I sorely miss when using a standard webcam on the go.

I do need to note a couple "cons" about the whole set-up. All workable, but definately things that I notice and slow me down from webcasting NOW. Firstly, Comvu only allows 12 minutes of broadcasting in 1 session. One reason for this is that AT&T doesn't really want people to stream. But by cutting off the session at 12 minutes, I've got to restart things all over again. And while a walk down the street is pretty mellow, you never know when Godzilla is going to pop out from around the corner! Unlikely, I know, but more likely during a webcasting break. The other issue is that after a session is complete, the phone thinks that the camera is still in use by some other application and has to be completely shut down and restarted again to resume broadcasting. This adds to the time between sessions and the likelyhood of missing godzilla dropping by for a nip. As I mentioned earlier, its a snap from off to broadcasting, but a faster snap would be dandy. I'll be emailing Comvu regarding this snag.

All in all, I'm extremely happy with my new toy and I'll be using it on the go as much as possible. It's difficult to receive 3G service inside of most buildings (same goes for EVDO, BTW), so the phone's Wifi connectivity capability is helpful when searching for those unsecured bar connections.

You can find my mobile stream as a Windows Media pop-up window (link: Neko M Float ^^ Mobile Cats) at www.justin.tv/nekomiomi_lisa. I'll be opening up the video archives as well after I finish setting up my page at Comvu. Archives are viewable in Windows Media or Quicktime. Will post that link later. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, Livejournal has provided us with a forum for discussion. Cheers and happy webcasting!


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Oct. 9th, 2007 12:37 am (UTC)
RE Nokia N95 VS Sony UX280-380 Micro PC
Re the Nokia 95 Hmm sounds a bit like pain in the ass to me. The 12 minute timeout is this Comvu's faulty software design? (that really bytes) What about Flash support? It's doesn't really integrate well with Justin TV and Ustream without a flash endcoded stream. I knocked around the idea of getting one of these but I already have an Iphone with Att/Cingular Edge service. I think I''ll just keep the phone I have and for future casting experimentation pick up something even hotter than your N-95, and that is the Sony-Ux 280 Micro-Pc. At about 1K on ebay it's roughly only 200 more than the nokia phone.

This sexy beast features biometric fingerprint scanner, two built-in cameras, wifi, and Att/Cingular Edge and is built for video conferencing plus too many things to mention see for yourself at:


This fully functioning microputer at less than 12 ounces will have all of the convenience of the Nokia n-95 with none of its limitations.
Oct. 15th, 2007 05:19 pm (UTC)
Re: RE Nokia N95 VS Sony UX280-380 Micro PC
nokia is 3g. edge is slow.
who needs fingerprints to webcast?

nokia has wifi, 3g, and then your edge if you're really down on your luck.
the nokia is not limited. its just the current software since ATT doesnt really want streaming. it actaually creates nice little clips and breaks long chunks up into managable episodes.

im happy with my phone. ;)
Oct. 15th, 2007 05:23 pm (UTC)
Re: RE Nokia N95 VS Sony UX280-380 Micro PC
oh and i just noticed...it seems I can go over 12 minutes now anyways. keep in mind my applications. the only thing i care about is the webcast, so it doesnt matter if the device contacts aliens ;) altho it is nice to browse the web...real webpages on a dime.
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