Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Back in the Pool!

and thank god for that...
Thanks Bonnie! I LOVED your workout!

Warm up:
400M choice
300M kick/swim by 50

Warm up set I
4 x 100M on :15 rest
Breaststroke with dolphin kick/ Backstroke by 25

Warm up set II
8 x 50M on 1:00, 25 skill drill/ 25 swim

Main Freestyle Set:
100M fast @ 1:40, 400M with every 4th length kick, :20 Rest
100M fast @ 1:40, 300M with every 3rd length kick, :15 Rest
100M fast @ 1:40, 200M with every 2nd length kick, :10 Rest
100M fast @ 1:40, 100M kick
50 EZ

Stroke Set
8 x 100
Odds: EZ IM on 2:10
Evens: Fast stroke on 2:00 (100's in IM order: 100 FL,100 BK,100 BR,100 FR)
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