Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa


Acutally, this has nothing to do with mudskippers, but you know...

Miss Laura laughed at who-ever wrote that she was my type. I think shes more concerned right now with designing a toy-looking train to be printed on this towel. Well, now we distracted by a delias catalog and a blackdress that has "goddess" printed on it. its sooo mine!

Well, the suga-fly party is tomorow. i have a Hi8 camera from the office that im going to use to catch the action. Unfortunately, my boss has the laptop that i need to edit the video, so i have to wait until he returns to actually make a movie for ya'll. I can't affordf to buy anything 70's for the look. I mean, i can, but id rather save for summer clothing and computer equipment. the internet bug bites and then you no longer belong to the whims of pop culture. i am a nerd! oh help!!!
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