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airport waiting

its a fabulous NY day: 40 degrees, cloudy, drizzly. Patient people drinking coffee and eating premade egg and cheese anc bacon sandwiches. I bought a Clif bar. Had I been thinking this morning, instead of insanely packing, I would have brought the free one in my cabinet. oh well. $2.70 for a crunchy PB flavor Clif at LGA. Note this, because unless you are insane, which it seems most are, you will stay FAR away from the heat lamp Au Bon Pain sandwiches. Ive got some construction-workery guys behind me, a woman in a wheelchair. Several women wearing hip-length leather jackets. The gate was moved from C4 to C3 and Ive got about 15 minutes to chill before I board. Im down. It's rare that Im left to my own thoughts all by myself, cept on the train. Funny that "all by myself" means in a room full of people. Funny that company often means by myself with a camera..hmmmm. definitions of alone. i suppose that all these people dont expect anything to happen while I sit here and with a camera, people are hoping something will happen. maybe that's it.

I feel like a nap might come on as soon as I settle into my seat. The flight is just slightly over an hour. Just time enough for a doze and a twirl of the ankles for health. Ive got my comp socks on. i hope my legs are safe. It's a small plane. Not a prop, but def a small jet. I can see the the wavy air effect distort the view behind the engines on the back.

10 minutes. over and out.

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