Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

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all is quiet on the surface of the Eastern front. The cat is not humping. the dog outside is not barking. My phone has stopped ringing - until I make a call that is - and and.

Im mentally exhausted. Suddenly people are asking me for relationship and sex advice. Huh? What? Hold up and hold up. Let me figure out me first. I've got a little bit of rewiring to do in this head of mine. So just hold your questions and deep dark secrets for a little while longer, ok? I dont want to be anyone's vessel of inspiration just now. I dont have the energy or the wisdom to really help you out.

I joined 2 munch groups today. Im missing a meeting on Friday cause im going out for drinks with a 51 year old who acts like shes 25. Should be enlightening, but Id rather be...ordering poached eggs on toast at the diner, swirling around the yolks and hoping to find something to quiet the underbelly of the Eastern front.
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