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a horrible and strangely consise dream

im just typing this fast to get it outta my head. sorry for any grammatical or spelling errors...it was very concrete. no random wandering. a complete story. unusual for me. and scary.

its me and 3 other people and somehow we are chosen. and we are given possesssions of great worth. we follow a guy down down down into the darkeness where we meet 4 people who are giving up their lives. we are all scared and amazed. we try to leave but our way is blocked. men dressed in ...something i dunno. its dark and evil. the other people are taken away and we sit down. scared but no choice. suddenly the place is vaguely lit. an elephant figure comes thru a large door. something he says about giving up possessions in this world and how people really dont care for us. we argue but he says its true. he says he will show us and we will gladly give up our lives for a chance at paradise. if we are unable to see this truth or run away, we will be tortured most cruely and live for eternity in pain. he leaves. i now with 2 others for some reason. 1 old man and one fat woman, middle age. the elephant man buries us in the ground with our possession that we bring. tells us not to leave while we are deciding or else...

and suddenly we are on a plane. its crashing very slowly. but noone is helping each other. possessions dont matter cus we are going to die, right?. and everyones lack of help will kill us. because everyone trying to figure out how to get off the plane but noone is talking to each other. but noone is panicing. its more about the scenario. suddenly the other woman recognizes someone she knows. a doctor and sits down for advice. she has a health questions. but he tells her she is off duty. the man sees a woman he knows and this woman friend of his on the plane has trouble walking...he tried to help but she pushes him away. i am somehow observing. i have no direct experience

but then we are back in the decision room. we worry that we have "escaped" to have experiened the plane stuff, but we have not we have only left our bodies. we crawl up from the dirt. we must decide to give up our lives because we have seen the truth about how pointless and worthless they are, so stick up for them. it is decided to give them up. so we polish our possesions for some reason (i havea black plate for some reason), and dig down again into the ground to wait for the elephant/ man.

He comes back through a huge medieval door as a mammoth with armor and morphs into a guy with an elephant head. its all strange like silent hill. the borders of the dark room are uncertain. he elephantman asks us for out decision and the old man in my group says he has seen the worthlessness of live and possessions and is prepared to give that up for eternal happiness and freedom. the woman agrees, someone i just go along, but it seems ot make sense.

we follow the elephant man into the the room that he came from. and as we leave a girl in a blue t-shirt is leading the next group in...and just like us..they look perplexed and cannot figure out how we voluntariy gave up our lives.

we walk into the next room. its expansive and bright with a white yellow light. toture devices all around hanging from the ceiling so high we can see it...it gets darker up there. iron maidens, stretch devices, pendelums over tables. we walk down a golden floor on a red carpet, make a right, and walk by several of these manicured devices. made of silver, gold, steel, encrusted with gems horror made to look beautiful and rich. terrifying. we walk to the end of the carpet to a metal table. covered in black leather on the top. we are afraid.

we must decide who goes first. the elephan man give us a description of how we are to die. he says....(and he pulls out a huge curved sword) i will drive this thru your heart and pull it out. and you will die. we are all freaking out. who will go first? we wait. the elephant man says we have all of eternity to decide, but is patience is not eternal. We must chose or face a terrible fate. The older man decides to go first. He takes off his shirt and lies on the table. The woman and I turn to walk away, but I am to curious and I turn around. I see the elephant man stab! blood! the man shrieks. The elephant man says, i will try again, and stabs and begins slicing. the slicing noise echos around the horrible golden room. the elephant man is cutting around the old mans heard in a big circle! cut cut and then the elephant man reaches in and pulls out the whole section of bloody chest with the heart and is holding it. the man is sweating and losing it. he says "i dont know if i can mentally take this!" as he starts to die. blood dripping from the piece of flesh the elephant man holds. i turn away. terrified. i am next. i turn around and the body has vanished.

the elephant man is waiting for me. i ask..cant we just drink a sleeping potion. the elephant man says...i will consider it, but in truth, only in pain at the end can we truly appreciate the worthlessness of what we though to have been building...these petty lives of ours. im so scared. i saw what happened to the man. his slip into insanity. would we really be saved? eternal happiness?

and then i woke up.


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Dec. 1st, 2007 10:02 am (UTC)
Its good to dream.I thought this fream was thought provoking.I think the first part is from your chidhood when we are all taught right from wrong and heaven and hell.The rest is a little confusing,but shows qualities of an open mind with resiliance.Thanks for sharing it.Pantyman xxx
Dec. 1st, 2007 12:59 pm (UTC)
Developing/Transforming Consciousness
very interesting dream indeed.. :-)

i would interpret it as follows (roughly):
this dream shows the struggle of your brain/conciousness/ego to reach a next level of self-awareness or conciousness (~paradise, or nirvana), which then promises to deliver from the struggle and pain that the current level (~hell, or maya) of consciousness naturally brings with it.

your "dead" in this dream is a metaphor for the dead of your "old" level of consciousness and how you interpret the world and the causes of your (and our all) suffering. by evolving to your next level of development, more understanding of who you are (or even more important: who you are NOT), your purpose in life, and "what's wrong" with the world will arise, which in turn will/can release you from most of the suffering, and can turn into compassion, understanding, and freedom (in the best case ;-).

so, your brain/cosnciousness seeks to tranform, to better understand yourself, the world, and your suffering. you are now at a point in development, where the next tranformation likely means the "death" of your old sense of "me", "ego", and "reality" as you have known it so far. this kind of tranformation and the phase of the "dark night of the soul" before the transition, is very well known and described in most of the ancient spiritual traditions.

if you wanna read about it, i would recommend to look up for the following key words: integral spirituality, ken wilber, AQAL, spiral dynamics, advaita-vedanta, horizontal vs. vertical enlightenment, 1st vs. 2nd tear consciousness, nondual-awareness etc. etc.

all in all, you probably are in a transformative crisis, which is usually a good sign of development, but can be a pain in the butt, if one looses orientation whithin. reading about what ecactly happens during such tranformations can help to keep one "on track" and better understand what happens.

Dec. 3rd, 2007 06:38 pm (UTC)
official interpretation
wow. Horizontal enlightenment.. hmm, I have some ideas about that one.

Official interpretation: dreams try to process psychological conundrums which are not solved by consciousness (obvious). So, obviously, you are in some kind of inner transition, or at least search. I agree: this kind of artificially induced death, connected to some kind of conditions and decisions, seemingly is a metaphor for your decision for letting something end and to begin something new. Well... considering the weird and somehow dizzy circumstances... it might also be a fear that something ends due to decisions you might take or have taken you were unsure about. So it might be about something (or several things) you are trying to decide on, but seem to be really unsure about. And: it seem to be serious things... maybe not the things themselves, but what's personally behind it for you.

Somehow it seems to be a struggle between the life the average American strives for (possessions etc.), and something else the elephant man stands for. Something transcendend, kind of a paradise in theory, in practice lots of torture instruments, weird evil black cloths and cut-out-hearts. This is interesting: our pursuit of wealth, love, and happiness vs. this weird thing inside us saying: nono, there must be more to life than just...this. Do some dark things, you might find it. It's like the bored teenie in Nashville who decides his life is boring, and signs up for the Marines, goes to Bagdad, and suddenly realizes his life was boring indeed, but still much better.

So maybe it's about this struggle... not knowing if you should pursue the components of standard happiness, or something more exciting...would match your track record and life phase. hints: happiness is not that bad. eternal happiness is a questionable promise. dark is often correlated with evil - especially if it is real dark. the quest for excitement can end in insanity. but the quest for standard happiness can be both boring and mentally exhausting. maybe there is a third way. avoiding the elephant man + sword, but getting closer to eternal happiness. time for the next dream.

the matrix dream interpretation department.
Dec. 4th, 2007 04:30 pm (UTC)
Crazy Dream
I think that all dreams mean something.I might be able to come up with some far out scenario.-
But in this case I believe it was the codeine
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