Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa


id forgotten my bad reactions to ciggy smoke. i always forget the severity because i try and keep the non-smoking friends the closest. I met felix's friend and her fiance last night. They gave me a warm welcome, a delicious dinner, and we had lots in common. too bad for me, they are chain smokers. Oh man. felix is allergic to cats. Im...well, not allergic to ciggy smoke, but when stuck in a closed room for almost 4 hours with constant 2nd hand inhalation, it's just too much to bear. My eyes started burning a little and I could feel my throat get itchy. I was getting snotty on the ride home. And this morning, I feel like I have a cold. The weather has been way too bitter for me too, so the combo of cig and artic air has worn me down. Im drinking Red Bull and downing sudafed, hoping the upper and downer effect will cancel out and leave me pristine and uncongested. Ha. Im going to have to tell felix that visits in Bushwick will need to be short for me, or fall on warm days when the windows can be opened. Im suffering. I can feel it in my nose and throat and ears. Does anyone else have this problem? I used to smoke a little in college, but after continuous bouts of bronchitis and a disgusting yeast infection IN MY THROAT (that I was informed by student health only happens to immunity compromised patients! SCARY!) I decided that my constant herb and ciggy habits were pretty bad for me. and i quit. havent looked back. the bronchitis eventually cleared up, much later than the nasty throat infection. but if im around too much smoke, I get sick. it never fails. not once. Not like virus (i mean, i dunno, I dont have proof..) but it doesnt last like a cold. Just 1-2 days of head cold symptoms. My body gets into full rejection mode.

so that leaves me today with a little headache, runny and stuffy nose, sore throat and ears and swollen neck. im soooo tired to and gulping water like a sponge-fish. i will be VERY happy to be home in my nice warm apt and not have to venture out until tomorrow...tomorrow when the Yahoo! weather site promises temps at least 10 degrees warmer than today.
Tags: cigarettes, f, sick

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