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a snowy day in Toronto

We have just returned to our hotel room from a perfectly touristy day in Toronto. The snow started falling rather aggressively outside, so after a late lunch/early dinner at Asian Legend (thanks Yuta for the suggestion!), we braved it home in the swirling winds. We have to check out at 11am tomorrow and it's supposed to really blizzard, so we are wondering what our exit strategy will be.

I have found wireless connectivity here to be a real bummer. My Nokia battery ran out in the middle of the CN Tower experience - 8 minutes of PRECIOUS Skypod footage LOST! :( And the EVDO here keeps dropping my connection ever 1-5 minutes AND it costs 2 cents per minute. So, it's just all around not convenient. However, I was able to webcast the St. Lawrence market and the majority of the CN tower excursions on Qik. (See archives at I also got some nice general city footage last night and hope to capture some more tonight and tomorrow, if we can suck it up to venture out in a Canadian blizzard.

While at the St. Lawrence market, I was snagged by the Discover Channel to discuss my knowledge of the speed of light. Johannes joined the interview and generally made me look dumb by regurgitating the speed. Ugh. haha. The clip MAY be shown in an upcoming episode of Daily Planet (?) airs in Canada only on Thursday nights at 7pm. So, if anyone in Canada is reading this, I'd just love to get surprised one day. fun stuff. Webcasting while getting interviewed.

The market was AWESOME, and I wish to gosh darn noodles that we had something even close to it in NYC. Everything was so fresh and perfect and -as Johannes kept repeating- CHEAP! Meats, cheeses, seafood: fresh, frozen, and live, veggies, bakeries, mustards, honey, truffles, and prepared foods. I chowed on a lemon poppyseed muffin, part of a cranberry cinnamon roll, a veggi samosa, and some key lime tart. Yum! J bogged himself down with one huge puppy of a sausage sandwich with sauerkraut galore.

From there, we walked a ways to the CN tower. It hadn't started snowing yet, so we made good time. We paid out $26.99 apiece and took the 22km/ hour elevator up to the observation deck. Cool! Checked out the glass floors (ack! scary!) and then up to the Skypod (wow, nice view!!!! shit, my Qik died...oh no, my Nokia is going to die! Poof! Done!) It's a fun tower. You can see a lot and probably even more on a clear summer day. Wheeee!

Back on the ground floor, I sniffed out an arcade. J and I played timecrisis 3 for about 15 minutes ($CND 1.00 per play) before venturing out into the now-snowy afternoon. Off we went bravely to track down the Asian Legend restaurant recommended by Yuta. We looked confused and a Chinese man stopped, asked us if we were lost -in English!- and then directed us correctly to where we needed to be. **Yur not in NYC Chinatown any more dorothy!**

On the table: J had some plain noodle soup. We split veggi and shrimp pancakes, jellyfish salad, and bitter melon in garlic sauce. For dessert: 2 hot soups - a rice dumpling and pumpkin coconut concoction in rice wine, and a sweeter purple sesame filled dumpling soup with tapioca. Yum! We really went out on a limb. Id had jellyfish salad before, but bitter melon was something new. The best way to describe the taste is bitter--like EXTRA SUPER broccoli rabe x 50. Bitter. But VERY interesting.

And now, well, we're back in the room. Im enjoying a hot cup of coffee and relating the tales of the day to fill in the blanks between and after Qik-ing. the Nokia is charging now for more adventures to come!

I'll upload pics to MySpace on Monday.


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