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so she replys back

also worked at the ASPCA, as a licensed technician for 3 years, so knowing that you worked there as well and have spoken to people about the same things, I’m extremely surprised to hear that someone with that background would then put a job ahead of a precious animal. If this were a child, would you give them up for adoption if your new job wouldn’t allow them to go with you??

I hope for his sake that you find him a good place to go with a good caregiver for his special needs.

Neko sez:
**Im totally postal right now!


May. 22nd, 2008 07:11 pm (UTC)
its true
because is doesnt make me feel badly about myself. its doesnt guilt me into anything..because i dont have a choice! It just pisses me off and makes me really wonder about do-gooder animal organizations. because THIS banter back and forth has not helped KT at all. not a bit.