Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa


Ok, i have this totally crazy idea that i think might work.

It all started with a phone call to Time Warner Cable. was thinking about getting a cable connection in my apartment. why pay 35+ a month for a phone line, plus more for internet service when I could have cable for 24.99 a month?

so, i call them up and tell them my address. bummer, turns out they dont have any service in my area. :( im soo annoyed, and wondering how the hell im ever going to get anything done on my own time, without having to stay at the office and deal. it seems like the whole world is working against me trying to carry out my project.

The day passes and this guy Joe rings the office bell to drop off some photos from past events, for the company design book. He happens to ask me if i know anyone looking for some cheap space...not much room, but inexpensive. My ears perk up. How much, i ask. 490$ a month, for a little hole in the wall on St. Marks place. If any of you know where that is, you would know it is a PRIME location for filming, webcasting...getting into the nitty gritty of the strangest lives in the USA. I immediatly (mentally) jumped on him and requested that he speak to the girl who is leaving right away. What a great location to house a project. I wouldnt need heat, for the summer, or gas, since it really wouldnt be a living space. more of a working and filming place. id only need the space and electricity..on top of one of the most bizarre streets in NYC!!

so, if he calls me back with good news, im going to check out the place over the weekend. im getting off my temp to perm wages, so ill have a little extra money, and the J should be getting a raise too. im worried though that it wont be enough to support 2 places.

so, my question to the world is..
if i were to get a PO box (which costs 30$/ month as it is) would any of you out there be willing to help me out? anything 5$s or 500$ (haha on that last one)
i feel like im on the brink of something really cool, but like all artists, i need a little support, or else im going to have to take a bartending class and work half my nights. (which still may have to happen)

what do yu think? am i lame for asking?

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