Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa


I'm mid-move in move part A.

Part A: By June 6th - moved into Johannes's apartment.
Part B: By June 27th, moved to parents place.
Part C: By July 2nd, moved to Japan.

We have Ustream up and running at Jo's place (, with limited camera mobility. I can only get the living room and partial kitchen :( But, Jo should have it up and running during the day except during business talks on skype. I hope to have JTV running on laptop as soon as I get more settled there. For now, JTV will only be at work...Sorry about that!

Im staying at my place tonight without any connection, so you will have to imagine me spending time with KT, cleaning up the garden, and going to bed early on an air-mattress. The new tenant, Bob, has moved in all his junk ,so the place is full of boxes and even a king-size bed! KT does have room to roam tho, and dark lil tunnels in between the boxes to play in. This guy has a ton of stuff. Good luck to him fitting it all in!

Still no exact pick-up date for KT yet, but I did get an estimated quote of $573. So, right around $600 - just as I imagined after all is said and done. I'll be putting down a deposit today to hold his place in the van :) I appreciate everyone checking out the auctions, or just donating to Paypal and One Click (on Facebook). We're just below $200 raised!! This is one expense I didn't have planned in the budget, so every lil bit helps :)

I rested yesterday morning, after dealing with a bout of food poisoning...(we think it was the granola bar. Strange, but I didnt have anything else since lunchtime) Then started to pick-up Jo's apartment. I have so much stuff I brought up with me and it needed organizing. I have 2 bags of clothes and shoes for donations, auction stuff, and VCR tapes that I need to dub of the VCR. Once that is all done, things will be a lot less confusing.

When I leave NY on 6/27, broadcasting will proly be pretty dicey until I'm settled in my new digs and opened an internet/ phone account. Who knows how long that will take. Hopefully not more than a few days...BUT for updates after 6/27 until I'm set-up in Japan, check out Twitter, (still pictures, this livejournal, and Ustream (where Jo will be streaming on my account and keeping you all up to date on a live stream).
Tags: kt, moving, nyc, tokyo

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