Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Last Supper

I have many last suppers over the next 2 weeks. Many people cannot make my karaoke sayonara party, so I'm doing a lot of individual celebrations. Tonight, it's with Wil and his new boy. Jo is coming too. I met Wil in 2000 when I did a couple publicity internships over the long hot summer. I was much younger back then- living in a tiny Barnard dorm room (prepping for Japan already!) with barely enough space to walk between the desk and the single-size bed. I paid $500/month. I loved to go clubbing until 7am. I wore vinyl hotpants with 6-inch platform boots. My hair was some other color than it is now. I made out one night with a Columbian guy who drove a scooter and worked at the French restaurant. So, it's been almost 9 years. and now Im saying goodbye. Almost 30. Going to bed at 11pm. Disliking loud club music in almost every form. Holding steady jobs. Making out with Germans. And wearing flats most of the time 'cause heels more than 2 inches kill me. The beginning and end of the first NYC experience.
Tags: nyc

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