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2 days left in the office!

As I walked in this morning I thought "only 1 more time doing that!" And after I made coffee: "yup, just one more morning of doing kitchen duty." (And of course, I thought, only 2 more days on a six figure salary. Boo hoo.)

So, it reminded me- now the real work begins. I am completely Nekomimi Lisa after tomorrow. I'm days away from a real website. I'm taking my webcast to Japan and broadcasting while simulcasting via Jo in NY. This idea I stumbled upon last September: its finally coming to fruition!

In the next week, I have to create the videos for our first income-making idea. I have to write all the content for the webpage. I have to nail down how I want to present daily schedules and updates. And most importantly, we have to get the website up before I leave!!! We are just waiting on the designer to finish up his background/ header and tweak the logo. And then the programmer needs to lay his work down over that using Jo's blogging embed. It will be a week of absolute stress and when it's over, Im off to Idaho (sans internet connections) to play daughter and pray we got through enough to keep things floating until I get get on board in Japan with a stable mobile connection.