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The last day in the office... one of the busiest! I've got to make notes for the temp. shes covering my spot until Thursday. On Thursday, the new gal comes in so I have to make sure things are smoothly transitioned somehow between me and the temp and then her.

Meanwhile, Jo and I worked like crazy and we got the pre-launch of running! The official launch (and design additions) are going up on Sunday 8pm ET. But it's so exciting!

So all the reasons to be wiggling:

1. I'm leaving for Japan soon!
2. KT happy in TX (check the vid on Cynthia's MySpace:
3. Its my last day in the office!
4. My new website is 70% up!
5. I have a Karaoke Sayonara party tonight! (attempting to broadcast on qik/ barring connection issues and phone coughing...) 8pm ET!

This must be the greatest day ever! :) ^^ 5 minutes until office cam shut-down. FOREVER!
Tags: japan, kt,, nyc
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