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eating is important. at 2pm, i was about to fall over.

the sun poured down and I didn't know which way was up. Since arriving, whenever it was, I've had 3/4 of a bowl of noodle soup, 8 pieces of sushi, a tomato curry puff, a sandwich and now, finally, 6 more pieces of veggie sushi---long and short..about the amount id eat in a typical NY day spread out over the time since USA Tuesday late night. yeah.

there's been so much to do and so much craziness that food has not been a priority. but it finally got me today. after standing for over 4 hours at Bic Camera in order to get a keitai (cell phone) and mobile internet (thus this journal entry and YES i will start broadcasting soon...!!) I realized i was starving. after walking around in the sun for 4 minutes afterward, around 2pm, i was about to fall over.

i stepped into a Beckers and noshed a sandwich and water and just sat there until I could think reasonably. I needed to go shopping for clothing. It's been officially communicated to me that my bags are LOST. not just left in SFO, but completely lost by United Airlines. No clothing. No awesome green bag that I scored from work. No important mesh bag for mobile casting. No special going away present from Jo. No clothing, no shoes, no Zazzle items for Yuta. No cat ears- all of them gone with the luggage. I've really been hit hard. And I can only hope that someday the bags will turn up--that Jojo in US can get UA to find them. But, i think....hmmm. I was supposed to transfer from a UA to an ANA flight...I was rescheduled on United after my Boise/SFO flight was delayed. But, the bags were somehow left. I think they somehow went with ANA, but its impossible to track because UA took my bag tags and only gave me the tracking # that they were SUPPOSED to have with UA. Yes, Im fucked. completely. I have travel insurance and maybe in 1-2 months the airline might come through and cover its ass with some money my way (likely not), but I've not only lost a couple thousand dollars of possessions, I've lost part of my life that cannot be replaced. anyway, by the time insurance comes through, it will be weeks from now, so I must go shopping...and this brings me back to where i was at Beckers...

I thought maybe, after sitting in the AC getting nourished and hydrated, that I might head to Zara aand/or SPPS (as advised by the nice gals at Bic Camera) but I just couldnt do it. I was too dead from not eating and all the stress. I came back home, noted my roommie had spent her day cleaning the kitchen, (I felt that I should help, but Im never going to cook here, AND I washed her air filter yesterday...)tossed my new purchases on the floor, and passed out cold. I felt guilty about not turning on the webcast, updating, setting up twitter, and all of that...but at that point, it was better to rest.

Im up now, and entering this long journal account of the day before I start webcasting so you dont have to watch me do it. Enjoy it now, because I will likely be on the computer a lot with all the requirements of Nekomimi Lisa.

I will be mobile casting ASAP after I find a new bag in which to carry an operating computer. As I mentioned, the mesh one is sitting somewhere where lost luggage and lost socks meet. I need something that will allow the lappy to cool itself. It runs super hot as it is.

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