Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

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Getting ready for day 1

I slept my first full night! I feel ready for the day. I woke up hour by hour starting at 4:45, but I made myself go back to sleep until 7:15. This is good. A sleeping schedule is starting to form. Nicci is going to taking the same train in with me this morning. 9:32 departure on the Masashino line with a minutes layover to sprint transfer to the Chuo Line at 9:55. the saving grace is that the same company, JR, owns both lines, so I only need to buy 1 ticket (450Y / $4.50). Transportation is a bit more expensive here...but any trains to and from work are paid for by the company. If I can find cool stores/ yubinkyoku (post offices), and ginko (my bank branch) along the route, then my errands are free. It's all about cutting corners to save money for travel and exploration. Sleep is so important. I feel about 80% today. As opposed to 40%, as usual. I can run on this! I should be back home tonight around 8pm.
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