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A list of good things---

1. My Mini-Kids (Ages 1.5 -3yrs) Demo for and with the training class went fab. I hope I get a lot of mini-kid classes. It's total crack, but fun for me so many viewers have pointed out: Im on crack! LOL

2. I've time tonight to wash the whites in my wardrobe. There were getting stanky.

3. My roommate and I had tasty pancakes for dinner. (hmm, let's see: onion and cabbage between some thin rice pastry with an egg on top. Garnished with something that looked like living tree bark and soy sauce.) Afterwards, the host of the restaurant was super nice and tried to talk with us. All I could say was "sumimasen!" I became more determined than ever to schedule Japanese language lessons with the city office ASAP after getting my teaching schedule. Apparently he was saying that he saw us all the time...and did we recognize him?

4. My yellow kiwi was delicious just now.

5. I gave into a special on peaches: 7 for 1000Y ($10) Usually its 200Y per peach. I wasnt going to do it, but i LOVE peaches, so...I forked over 500Y to split the purchase with the roommate.

6. It looks like Soh has time on Sunday to return my watch! And hopefully we can be good friends without any awkwardness about the other night -g rated as it was.

7. I have BBQ to attend on both Saturday AND Sunday. Woooot!

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