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first day jitters

I'm trying to convince myself not to be nervous at all. I can small talk like a pro. I can focus on making lessons productive even if I forget the exact format I'm supposed to use. Im at a new school today, so it can't possibly be back to back lessons (altho, maybe that's better...less time to think and worry and more time to just DO) And worst that could happen? Silence for 30 seconds and then I smile and ask the students to ask each other a question from the lesson. right? Right! So, yeah, outwardly im not nervous...but inside, somewhere, there's a a reason for my stomach ache. And Im not sure that the cinnamon roll I just downed is helping! But it sure tasted damn good.

Unlike the sushi I had last night.
On the whole, food in Tokyo towers above food in NYC. It's just better. I think people here care more. Quality is important. Except at the 100Y kaitan (?) sushi place we frequented last night. Someone even said "wow, you can't get food like this in the states!" and I thought..."unfortunately, you can!" the clam was SO fishy, I just about puked. And the crab..what was that?!! Where was the taste! ? The tuna looked dry, like a stiff plank. Im a food snob, I admit it. And I was totally disappointed...and frankly scared to ever go back to any kind of sushi place flaunting 100Y plates. Too bad we went there, actually. A couple of the girls I went with don't eat much sushi (and in fact, this might have been the first experience), so I really hope that whatever they had wasn't as terrible as my choices. I made up for a bad dinner with a purchase of grapefruit gummies and a bubble tea.

But, hey! It's all part of the fun! Live and learn!

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