Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Night in Ikebukuro, Part III

I took the opportunity to switch benches. Some time passed. Drunk guy napped. Someone sat next to the homeless guy – now across from me. They checked their keitai. They waited. They left. The homeless guy stretched out on the bench for a nap an put his hand down his pants. I started writing phrases that I wanted to translate. “Im bored waiting for the train.” “My cell phone is out of power.”

Suddenly, another guy sits down next to me. He's not drunk, at least, not falling over sloppy. Shaved head. Glasses. Shirt tucked into pants. He sits way too close. I scoot over. “Hi” he says. I don't know what his motives are, but I employ him to start translating for me. Make him useful. Window- mado. Missed – maniawanai. Motorcycle- baiku. Bench -isu. Is it correct? I didn't know. He asked if I was sleepy. I said – Nemui, demo...iced kohi nomimashita. Yes, sleepy, but I drank an Iced coffee. “It's ok!” thumbs up. He laughed, tried to scoot closer. And then...LOL...he asked me if I wanted to go to a hotel! Haha! Funny. Yeah, of course. A white girl sitting outside a McDonalds, near the train station exit...writing in a notebook. I MUST be waiting here to be picked up! No thanks I said.. but he kept asking. In fact, he grabbed my wrist lightly and said ..lets go..lets go. No, I said. He sat there, smiling..waiting. Ok, so, he wasn't going to go, he could just look like an ass then. His choice. He waited. kept asking. And incentive..”ok, just 30 minutes!” Really? Just 30 minutes? Thats it? What a gentleman! What a deal! No. And then...”let's study a the hotel!” haha. Really, really? Study at the hotel? Yeah, good line. And finally....I said in fast english “you can sit here all night smiling like a dumb ass next to me, or you can save your dignity and take a hike” “I know” he says. And sat there. Smiling. “I have a boyfriend,” I say. “Hes German and he'll kill you.” Keeps smiling. Oh, you like death? Nice. I decided to ignore him. I wrote down more vocab: “ignore”, “dismember”, “Why are you talking to me?” “Have you been drinking?” “My angry German boyfriend is going to kill you slowly with a spoon.”

“Ok, have a nice night!”, he says, Yeah, cheers buddy. I wave him off.

You know you are in a critical stage of learning a language when you can understand being propositioned but don't know the proper demeaning insults to draw attention and embarrassment.

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