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its starting to get hard

to be without my jo.

im trying not to think about it. but i feel pretty sad today and he's not replying to my skypes. I know he's very busy working on my videos for me. So, what can I really say? I'm all gratitude, for sure. I guess it's just that we have 2 very distinct relationships: business and personal. Business emails are good and business progress is good in terms of possible future revenue (aka, not having to work extra english teaching shifts), but they are not so satisfying for the soul. Ive been mixing the two relationships up a little bit..."he loves me because he's working so hard on my videos" And I know it's true...I wonder if he'd even care at all about Nekomimilisa.com if there was no personal vested interest in me...and then I wonder if NL.com can actually be successful at all...if his view isnt just clouded by me. im full of doubts today. i cant seem to get out of the house. im bored. grouchy. and yeah, sad.


Jul. 30th, 2008 02:23 pm (UTC)
Re: success
ill let jo work on that question :)
Jul. 31st, 2008 12:08 am (UTC)
Re: success
But of course, thats the thing of separating business from the personal.
But just to put it in context.
(my cat says hi to NekoMimiLisa)

A. Monkey
Jul. 31st, 2008 02:56 am (UTC)
A Monkey - good question. Visit Klatcher on August 1st. Or, if you really want to know why klatcher will be the fastest growing company in America before Xmas, go to www.Klatcher.com on 08.08.08 and you will be enlightened. ;)
Jul. 31st, 2008 09:38 am (UTC)
Re: Klatcher
Thanks for responding SophoJojo!

Remarks: I would post directly to you as this may not really directly on topic for NekoMimiLisa's, then again, all is related to chats & blogs, i let her decide to keep this on the blog

to others: Hope this does not bore anyone, if so, skip already!

888 is an interesting choise ;)

But in any case i will try and catch on to the 'new' aspects of 'Klatcher' that would attract me.

Maybe we're just plain 'spoiled' by all the choices. A luxury problem so to say.

But for instance, i cooperate with a Dutch sw developer that won (only) 3rd place in a major contest, major in the way, there were some heavy sponsors (Shell f.i.) and subsidiary's coupled to the winners. (talking luxurious ;) )
He de developed Chat-security, a protecting platform for any of these many chat/blogs that need modding (Spell check made that word into 'Godding', how appropriate sometimes ;) but i changed it back )
but guess who won? yet another chat for yet another group...
Get my point?
Whereas security, protection for special the weaker ignorant users of any chat blog, to me seems more important. seeing the same on JTV, the 13yr old girls and boys harasser by pervs and web-wankers. Some kids like this kind of experimentation, but still, they're kids.

Adults get the same shit in different forms, and can put on relativism more and take actions.

I was not even aware of the foot fetish rage until i joined JTV, but that may be due to the break i had in chat worlds ;)

I have been mod and co-owner of a pretty good video chat platform, so i know what I'm talking about. Not an easy job to mod (not god and power trip as on many chats)with all the unwanted flesh on your screen.

Well, long answer to make may point.

Hope it did not bore anyone, if so, skip already!

Best regards oder Grussen.
A. Monkey