Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa


After sleeping for almost 11 hours, I feel much better. I don't know why I think a night out - all night out- is ever a good idea. It's just not. LOL. Im eating my standard breakfast to prep for the gym: a thick slice of something-grain bread with yogurt and jam and some grapefruit juice. I'd usually have a piece of fruit, but im saving my last banana for after the pool. I noshed the apple last night in my post-nap hunger fury.

My gym has several extra features that Im not used to.

1. Constant spa music in the locker room. You walk in and you're in the mood for a massage. Tan vinyl floors and wooden lockers, all equipped with keys and a place for your membership card because nothing gets stolen here. The spa music seems to be 1 CD tho in repeat because I'm starting to recognize some of the "tunes".

2. On the toilets here, there all always many buttons. Im not sure what they are all for unless there are pictures. At some of my friends' apartments, things are not labeled and I've had to ask for the flush button. haha. Anyways, at the gym, there's a button labeled "flushing sound". I was thinking. WTF...why do we need an electronic flushing sound? Then it occured to me that perhaps the ladies didnt want the sounds of any personal business getting out of the stall. I can kinda see that. If I know I have to fart in the restroom...and there are people in stalls near me, I'll wait until they leave. That's just me. But here in Japan, there's no waiting..I have a flushing sound button that produces a rather loud tropical flush noise that covers anything: farts, tampon wrappers, nose blowing, whatever you might not want broadcast. good stuff.

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