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starting a new swimming blog and other randomness

I spent 4 hours at the gym yes. I arrived just before 10. Changed, stretched and swam from 10:15 until 11:30. Hopped out, dried off, changed into gym gear and stretched more. Went schooled by a really good trainer on some exercises that will allow me to work on my weak back and lateral rotator cuff shoulder muscles. This took awhile between the translations and practicing the free weight movements and machines. I then went back and repeated the reps on the row machine and lat machine. (Note: im super effing sore I guess I needed it). After this, I sucked down an energy gel and ran for 20 minutes on the treadmill...then walked for 10 to relax. All the while, Im watching Men's gymnastics on the TV and reminding myself that any pain that I might possibly be experiencing is nothing compared to what these guys have proly gone through. (AKA- Quit yur whinin Neko and LIFT). haha

Showered in the sit down shower room and then decided to partake in the artificial onsen---a jacuzzi hotspring of a bath at one end of the shower area. It's a huge bubbling streaming tub. I suppose about 15 people could fit into it. The heating bill must be massive. then again, so is my gym fee. I hopped in half thinking that after the run it might overheat me. But no, OMG, I melted into the tub. I sat there and closed my eyes as the water (oyu for hot water, people, not mizu) swirled around me like a mini massage. Heaven. Maybe this IS why I pay so much for this damn swimming center. Kick ass workouts, patient and knowledgable trainers, clean and sparkling showers and this damn awesome bath. I sat and then....I realized that at SOME point, I needed to get home to do things (like WRITE about sitting in the bath) before heading back out into Tokyo for dinner.

Basic point: bath after workout. Ichiban.

In other news, Jo rocks.

In other news, Klatcher..well, is almost rocking. I started posting for a new swimming blog, but the publishing bug is still there so I cant actually announce the new blog. yeah, so its going to have to wait until later at some point. but it DOES exist in the land of unpublished internet content. It's up and just waiting for a single little click on a red button. Really.
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