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hands down, the best birthday ever

Three-Oh in Tokyo. IM SO HAPPY! thank you to all my new friends for:

french dinners
denshi jishos
bath stuff
recovery snacks
fast food lunches
drives around tokyo at night so i can webcast
adorable, fun, awesome ROTF-LMAO, tabbouleh eating, basil sharing, questionable etiquette company
forced drinking of 4 bottles of sparkling wine, uncountable glasses of ume shu, a couple of shots of vodka
lots and lots and lots of water
tons of pictures I dont remember taking but jog my memory of what Id forgotten
more emails and text messages than i could even begin to answer today

And specifically to my Japanese friends- thank you for your patience every damn time we hang out and Im trying to communicate. And especially this weekend--after that previously mentioned o-sake list.


Oct. 1st, 2008 06:37 am (UTC)
Bath stuff!
Oooh do we get to see some of that bath stuff in use?

Bath tub poetry :
' A poem should be small, not tall, or it should not be heard at all '