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Errands and cleaning are like drugs

Do you feel the same? It's like this: when I knock off a few errands from the to-do list, clean a bit, fix a nice meal, straighten up...somehow, I feel very accomplished. It's like I get a subtle little rush from well..being in control. A tiny but nice bit of endorphins. Life seems organized.

Today I:
1. Dropped off some super-nasty clothes at the dry cleaners
2. Paid November rent nice and early
3. Withdrew money to start saving for next year's apartment move
4. Stopped at SATY's and bought baskets to organize winter accessories and cleaning supplies
5. Went to the city office and FINALLY applied for Japanese National Health insurance (phew!)
6. Stopped at the mini-supa and bought cheap but effective food for just over $10 that can feed me for the next week.

Still to do before I leave for Ginza in 1 hour:
1. Upload the new VJ
2. Check on the Taiwan Visa situation
3. Buy my plane ticket for Taipei
4. Book my hostel for Taipei
5. check on the train schedule to find out where and how long I can meet up with Kate tonight
6. Make an appt for tomorrow or Sunday to get my hair done

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