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wow, its's the very end of November. I saw the snow comments from my NY friends on Facebook and I just can't believe it. !! It's slightly chilly here, but I can still get away with just sneakers, jeans, a 3/4 length button down "dress" shirt with a short sleeved thin knit sweater over the top. I need a jacket for after work when the sun is down. But..what a HUGE weather difference! I'm loving it. :) Tokyo gets some snow too, but not until January, I hear...temps don't dip too much below 30F in the dead of winter, so I just can't complain at all. I figured out my heater too, so no more bundling up in the drafty room. Utilities are included in my rent, currently, so I just don't care about running things. But it does make it dry in here, and that doesn't aid my current battle against laryngitis. Arg. It's day 3 and still no voice. Teaching is so difficult. Lucky that I have Friday, Sunday AND Monday off this week, thanks to some holiday time. There's a huge B-day party on Saturday night. And I'm going, but I'm gonna take it easy. One drink to appease the masses..and then im going to cheat and get a juice or diet coke and lie and tell people it's alcoholic. Maybe I should just do that from the beginning! :) lol. And Im taking the last train. I just don't want anything to do with an all-nighter this weekend. I need to rest. and if the weather is sunny, I want to explore a few places around tokyo that seem to have decently priced apartments...i need to check them out to be sure there are things to do there on days i might not want to commute, a supermarket, coffee shops, these sorts of things. i've paid up through my contracted 6 months (July -December) so I'm free to move at any time as long as I give 45 days notice. I dont have enough money to move yet anyway, but it's a perfect time to do research before I have that yen burning a hole in my pocket, pushing me to just move ASAP. you know?

This will be my first real weekend without Yuu. and IM SO HAPPY! I made a pact with the viewers after the Roppongi incident #2 that I wouldn't go into graphic details I'm not. there was never any more physical violence, but there was so much jealousy from him and forced arguing initiated by him that I just couldn't stand even looking at his face. I just had it with crying my eyes out every weekend in an attempt to persuade him that I wasn't dating anyone else. Tired of trying to explain messages on my cell phone from my guy friends - totally innocent "let's hang out soon" messages. And feeling shamed and pissed off when he told me that his friends FELT SORRY for him having to PUT UP WITH ME. Fuck you asshole!! I told him to stop talking to me and after a day of emails and WHY..and IM NOT GOING TO LEAVE YOU..and WE ARE MEANT FOR EACH stopped. And I walked home from the train station eying every guy, scared it would be him waiting for me, or something. Paranoia. And now I'm sick from the stress...

But on the mend. Which brings be back to the whole wonderful THIS weekend..a birthday party I don't have to feel guilty attending and 2 whole days afterward to do whatever the FUCK I want to without having to see anyone...or seeing whomever I chose (included guys who were always JUST FRIENDS) that caused many a draining evening.

And on THAT note, I have a friend from Cali in town. He's Japanese, but living in LA. I completely forgot how we met, to be honest. Musta been online someone, but it wasnt related to It's been almost a year of skyping, but we're finally gonna meet up. He's here visiting his grandpa in Osaka, but dropping into Tokyo this weekend to visit old friends and ME. yay! I invited him to the b-day party, in case he felt like going and meeting more crazy gaijin :)

But yes, ive vacuumed, cleaned all the dishes, done all the laundry. erased all text messages and emails from Yuu. I tried to remove every scrap and particle from it's existence. And today, it was so sunny, and even tho I have no voice at all, I took a walk to the bank and paid my rent and health insurance dues. I went to the city office and found out where I can get my re-entry permit for immigration when I return from overseas Christmas celebrations. :) I feel free and just about happy again! :)

Oh, and thanks JOJO. :)

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