Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

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Pair coal

is the best damn cough medicine EVER. I've coughed only 2 times in 1 hour since i gulped the stuff down. Holy cow Jesus almighty. I needed this stuff last year when I was at home for a week with bronchial issues!! Dunno what's in it, since the only English on it is "Pair Coal"..but I hope that with the cough suppressed that the irritation will stop, and thus my embarrassing coughing fits on the train and in lessons will subside. I still only have about a 50% voice, but it's cool. I just don't want to cough like a the zombie dead all over my students. Usually Thursdays are pretty mellow. And I get unlimited tea. I'm counting on it. And I'm not going out tonight. Coming straight home, eating dinner, and going to bed. Yes. Boring but necessary!!
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