Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

one more day

since i was owed 7 hours of overtime, which i wont get paid for, i decided to slack off today, and i plan on it tomorrow, as well.

good for the project, since ive gotten though 9 videos, to be put up over the course of the next few days/ weeks, whatever. i will be severely disabled in terms of webpage development, since i wont have a computer to work editing programs for pictures, or anything.

So, im going to make up a little page template for the vids, so i can just add them to se if you are paying attention. in the meantime, im hoping to order a mac. im thinking ill just get the 600mhz g3. As long as i can edit video, im happy, and hteres no way i coukd afford a g4 right now, as much as id like a 733 g4.

ive eaten too many lime tostitos. why do i not practice moderation.

Adam has a new place in the city and i hear Erik is moving up here. can i never escape?
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