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flight advice

Three things to avoid on long flights from Germany to Japan:

1. Stomach flu (aka, stabbing gut pains, frequent bathroom trips, nausea, and all the other unmentionables associated with it)

2. Screaming babies taking turns in almost perfect alternation to allow not one minute of blessed silence.

3. Spilling a cup of steaming hot tea on your crotch that brings back memories of wetting your pants to only have it later turn into freezing cold sogginess for 3 hours of flight time


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Jan. 15th, 2009 01:35 pm (UTC)
Point Number 2
People with babies do need to travel from time to time. Just bring a pair of good headphones and your favorite relaxing tunes. If you can see the parents are doing their best to keep the kids quiet, cut them some slack. If they're letting the kids run wild, just stick your foot out in the aisle when they come speeding past.

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