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housewarming list!

Hi! As most of you know, im moving....and since I own nothing, I have to buy everything. Im doing my best on my own..but should you happen to find anything interesting at the shop (www.cafepress.com/nekomimi_lisa) ,now is a good as time as any to partake!

I also have a paypal address: nekomimi_lisa@yahoo.com

Here's my list (in US dollars)(and OF COURSE, ill be checking into sayonara sales of people leaving to try and get things cheaper...)

Housewarming List 2035

Bedroom 570
Futon 400
Futon Base 100
Quilt 70
Small Table

Kitchen 1130
Fridge 300
Microwave 150
Rice Cooker 150
Pot 15
Small Skillet 15
Kettle 10
Stove 400
Utensils 30
Cutting Board 10
Dishes 20
Trashbin 30

Living area 305
Desk 100
Small Table 80
Lamp 70
Lightbulbs 15
Powerstrip 10
Fixture 30

Cleaning/ First Setup 30


Jan. 23rd, 2009 03:19 pm (UTC)
im moving around into real tokyo (ive been living in Saitama up till now..but all of 5 minutes from the legal border of Tokyo...) yeah!

i also found some prices significantly lower that what i posted above..which is happy. maybe im looking at ONLY 1200$ now. ONLY. ouch. lol.