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Getting by

After all has been said and done, I have about 6,000 yen left in my bank account until February 13. Arg. I have 3000 yen in my wallet. I'm going to go grocery shopping this morning:

Spag sauce

That's the diet plan and should all come in under 1500 for the next 2 weeks. Fruit and veggies are too expensive. I have some vitamin pills for the vit C. The rest of the yen will be spent on transportation and hopefully I will have enough to actually GET to work. I have about 3000 yen on my Suica card, so it MIGHT just be enough. I want to go swimming today, but thats 900 yen right, ARG again. ARG! I'm prolly gonna have to borrow 5,000 yen from my roommates or something to make it through. On the 13th, im golden with another paycheck and with all the large purchases for my apartment completed...and a 60,000 deposit coming back to me before the end of Feb...well, yeah, ill be fine. It's just these next 13 days... Sweet memories of the early months in NYC. haha.

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