Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

long time no write

yes, i know i know! it's been quite a while. But I think you are aware of the circumstances...

Anyway, I survived the first week at the new job. What is the new job? Without too much detail, I work with 1.5-6 year-olds for 7 hours a day in an English immersive learning environment. There are songs to sing, chants to chant, and dances to dance. We make snacks and art and crafts.

The first week was shadow week. Not too much stress. But today, I have to come up with a couple of lesson plans to implement and at 10am on Monday, I'm front and center talking about houses with a puzzle of how the outside of a house should look. I'm a little nervous, but not because of the kids. I'll have 5 teachers and my manager watching me - yes supportively - but well, I'm new and I just wanna make a good impression. I know in a couple of weeks, I'll be so used to the rhythm and rhyme (quite literally!) and all will be well, but tomorrow...tomorrow is stress day!

So along with cleaning the bathroom and figuring out where to hang my clothing inside the apartment (too broke at the moment to buy a hanging pole thing for outside) I'll be reviewing my notes slightly religiously.

Speaking of being broke, I'm happy to announce that most of the hard money times should be over as of 3/12. I've bought all the major appliances and furniture. I plan to be thrifty the next couple of months due to a slight pay reduction for job training and days missed at the previous company during the transition. But I won't be BROKE. As in:

It's 7:15pm. I'm exhausted from work. There's a cake shop outside the SEIYU near the station and I'd love to treat myself to a 180 yen cupcake. but, I CAN'T afford it because i need the 180yen to get to work. I come home to yet another meal of curry or udon because its the cheapest thing I can make with any nutritional value at all....even tho I'm dying for a 498 yen bento box with rice and fish and tempura. UGH!

I thought I'd left these times in my early 20's. But, I suppose with job turmoil comes hardship again. I know I'm not the only one, and I know I'm lucky that it's only been a couple of months of this and not 6 months or a year like some of my fellow citizens back home. Yes, I'm lucky. I found a job to renew my visa, that pays me more than before, that's more rewarding than before, with as many vacation days as before, and with no specific days to dread more than any other. Woo! I have a new apartment that's very small but fine and comfy for me with a nice thick green carpet, new and working appliances, (mostly) quiet neighbors, in a convenient location. So, these next few days of BROKE. Well, i REALLY can't complain because everything is coming together on the survival front. So I can start to worry about lighter things again like...swimming, boys, bands, beer, exploring Tokyo and LIFE! Project: LIFE!

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