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yes, frantic. that's the best way to describe this weekend. I tried to see everyone at once, and ended up seeing very few people at all. At the same time, I've hardly been home at all this weekend and I'm just as tired now, on Sunday night, as I was at the end of Friday. Friday, March 20th is a national holiday here in Japan, so I'm looking forward to a 3 day weekend. I've learned my lesson for sure. No matter how much I want and need to see my friends, I need time to myself. Yes, time to webcast and work on also time just to relax.

It was noted that I took a 2-3 hour nap on Saturday. Indeed, I was (am am even slightly) still sick. Two weeks of this damn cold! And although I had plans to swim and grocery shop and cook,the only energy I could muster at 1pm was to go through my school materials. This turned out to be a terrible mistake because I spent my nap time tossing turning and having strange dreams about being unprepared and missing materials. Not restful.

I went out for dinner on Saturday at We in Ebisu. (Restaurant review to soon be posted at It was pretty damn least the part I could taste at all. But 3 friends cancelled/ didnt reply after they said they would attend. So this shit also got in the way of my nap since, at the last minute, reservations had to be canceled and and and....I dont know why I bother to try and organize dinners or parties. It's not in my karma for them to work out. I should just be an attendee and forget it. In any case, reservations were all screwed up. then I was running late because of all the text messaging...and THEN I managed to get on the wrong train --something i never ever do! - and was 45 minutes late myself. You might imagine my mood was not good. The restaurant was nice and I finally relaxed.

Today I saw 007, but I never got to return home before to recover, so now - finally- im at home and racing around to do all the chores and leftover homework and site updates.

And tomorrow comes early and I have a lot of prep to handle before and after school.
The only good thing is that klatcher is slow as usual so while it's uploaded some pictures, I can type this and get my things together. Multitasking is taking away some of the uselessness I feel.

and the frantic. Because I feel like something has been accomplished. Arg.

Oh and I decided that I really like hanging out with Atsushi. I've been dating a few people, but he's the only one who's held my interest. What happened to Johnny? Im asking the same thing. Too busy to see me. Thats what happens when you cook shrimp linguine for a guy on Valentines day in Japan, I suppose. They keep sending you sweet messages about how much they miss you but how terribly busy they are. Lame. Finished. Anyways, Im reading this entry and can pretty much assume the truth - im scattered like the salt i dumped on the floor earlier while trying to navigate it from the bag to the shaker.
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