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more blaugh

Its not even 10AM, and im grouchy.

1. Sick in bed. (ok, fine- and i COULD be up, but this is a decision to get better ASAP)
2. Rainy (all the more reason to be sick in bed)
3. The boy hasnt offered any support regarding my illness (and after 4 months of dating, you sure as fuck better acknowledge an email that states im having trouble breathing --- not going out on a friday night)
4. Klatcher is on the fritz and I cant do a damn thing that Jojo asked me to do today. Was hoping at least to get things done from the pillow.

Grrr. in half an hour Im gonna rouse my sorry ass up, put on a bra and some pants, grab the umbrella and saunter on over the drugstore to find something that helps kill the cough (and sending me into a floaty sleepy space would also be a nice benefit - Pair Coal, where are you?)


Sep. 28th, 2009 02:51 am (UTC)
Hi Lisa
hi lisa