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thwarted by youtube this morning in my efforts to upload. "error" it says. i can only imagine that 8am in tokyo is prime time youtube time in the states and the server is so busy that it doesn't have any time for me. being that youtube is an "it" instead of a "he", i am only a fraction as frustrated as i usually would be. i assume that the world can wait to check out my running attire for this morning's run and my poking at my tummy fat.

so yes, this morning's run was good. it's been a week. i don't know how i got unmotivated. my interest in pain and gain waxes and wains. Finding the French triathlon group was quite a good thing. But since they only meet up on Saturdays and I'm only gaining limited information and support (not entirely their fault!) its only been a so so motivator after all. So, I just have to try and keep at it. I keep my training log here: as you can see, its barren for the last 2 weeks. arg.

So exercise is mostly free. Updating my website stuff is free. And studying my Japanese is free. I do have a goal on that last one: im going thru with my plan to take the JLPT N4 in December. If I pass that, perhaps I'll go for the N3 in July 2011. All this FREE stuff is important as Im saving every yen to move later this year down closer to Fabio. I want to move further south anyway, so it's not JUST for him. But im tired of living over an hour away. I'm thinking Yoyogi, Azabu Juban or Akabanebashi. I'd also like to be close to my gym in Kokuritsu Kyogijo on the Oedo line. So these are good places. I need about 400,000 yen for the down payment and extra for moving expenses. I'm a quarter of the way there and waiting on my bonus that will boost me to half way.

In the meantime, my activities need to be as FREE as possible. cheap dinners, walks in the park, running, studying, combini picnics. another summer of skipping expensive cheese, 5,000 yen parties, and fashion. haircuts too. its all about the ponytail. im poor by choice here, so dont go on feeling bad. i just hope that after this move, i can just stay put for a bit and enjoy my tokyo life in a convenient location to my BF and my friends. Somehow when I turned 30 I realized the value of settling a little bit. I feel the every other year upheaval is not so healthy for me anymore.

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